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The Fourth, the Flag and the Patriotism of Hope

flagpictureAmerica is noisy.

It’s loud and contentious.

During an election year, when there’s so much campaign rhetoric blaring at us, it’s easy to lose our footing with patriotism.

With an eye to the Fourth of July, I like to remind myself that America is a melting pot of abuse and excess, passion and principles, goodwill and promise.

It is all of the above.

We can’t help wonder who America has become with all of its recent scars – the mass shootings, Flint’s poisoned water and the hate simmering at political rallies.

And yet, there’s hope.

There’s hope we can sculpt freedom wisely – the freedom the creators of the Declaration of Independence risked their lives designing.

Immigrants hungry for freedom still see the Statue of Liberty as a symbol for unparalleled opportunity.

America, admittedly, is loud and contentious. But I’ll raise my flag on the Fourth because, for all of its failings, America is a melting pot of hope.

For those who want to take action to further their vision of America, here are three ideas:

  • Commit to voting in the fall election.
  • Support all measures that protect the right to vote for all Americans.
  • Raise your flag on the Fourth, with the understanding America is a melting pot of hope.

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