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The Books that Stare at You

Library of an Interaction Designer (Juhan Sonin) / 20100423.7D.0I was in the gift shop of a car wash the other day, and a book there actually stared at me. I’m not kidding.

It was on display right across from me and it wouldn’t shift its gaze, even when I looked away several times.

The book said: “Do More of What Makes You Feel Alive.” (Incidentally, that message is the title.) I could see that the little book was shouting it out to anyone who would listen.

I felt compelled to pick up the book, and it offered everything I needed to delve deeper. Often I’m guilty of experiencing the everyday race of life: to make appointments on time, without getting a speeding ticket. Or worse, spending the day in a murky cloud of negativity – the fears, worries and doubts condensing.

One page was particularly poignant for me. The words, printed on a backdrop of hot pink, said “More Courage. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

I laughed. In Northern California, the voice of the transcendental guru is ever present – even at a car wash.

Has a book ever stared at you? Did you ever consider that coincidences in life are meaningful messages handcrafted just for you?

Here’s my advice: The next time a book stares at you, pick it up and listen.


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