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“I read The Gratitude Report while Peg was writing the final draft. But it was spending time with her that impressed as much as the book because she’s so positive. What she writes is how she lives, and she has helped me become a more grateful person.” – Nancy Lisk

“Run, run, run as fast as you can … that was my motto for too long when my best friend, my lover, my rock and my husband passed away unexpectedly after 17 years of bliss, laughter and love … I realized I needed and wanted to live and to be grateful again for all that is around me … Peg’s book was one more sprinkle of icing on the cake that has awakened me up even further to the beauties that surround each and every one of us, but only when we are able and willing to see, smell, touch and feel fully from within.” – Mitzi Mayer

“When I’m in a place of gratitude, my life goes smoothly and I have a happy heart.  But getting to that place of gratitude, especially during struggles, is not always easy. Reading Peg’s short, daily dilemmas and how she brought herself to a place of gratitude was a great way to jump- start my day. Her book is witty, humorous, and inspiring. I highly recommend it.”   — Marcy Fry, Fullerton, Calif.