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The “Dick Tracy” watch

watch3My friend is now wearing the latest in high-tech fashion – Apple’s smart watch.

It was my first glimpse of the watch in action – the one with the keen “Dick Tracy” feature. You can answer a call and talk into the watch with its built-in speaker, like the comic book detective did with his two way wrist radio. Of course, this phone can do more than impersonate private eye communiques.

It can notify you of alerts with a gentle tap. It can pay your bills without an ATM card. Best of all, it comes with a servant – Siri – and she is available 24/7. All you have to do is raise your hand to get her attention.

My friend paid $349 plus tax for this watch, which incidentally, also tells time. It’s seems like a fair price when you consider it doubles as a personal assistant.

I applaud the wizardry of this invention. But what I appreciate most about this watch is that it’s not too busy to tell time.