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Gratitude for the sea

santorini-1I don’t swear so I did not know I was a sailor. But after I began my adventures on the Mediterranean it became clear to me that I had been landlocked for years and the sea is my rightful home.

I told my husband we should send for the kids and make a life at sea. I was kidding of course, but there is something about the Mediterranean that is absolutely irresistible.

We would sit outside our cabin on the balcony and marvel at our front yard, the undulating water right in front of us that flowed forever.

I am in love with the sea and especially Mediterranean with its path to countries, peninsulas and islands, its clustering of cultures, its magic poised and ready to bewitch explorers at port.

In Corfu, Greece, the Venetian influence on the buildings, monuments and fountains had a hold on me. I fixed my eyes on them and it was next to impossible to release the view.

At the port of Naples we spent the day tracking down the best Neapolitan pizza, a thin crust painted with a layer of tomato sauce. On top you could add countless choices, pizza gone wild with possibility, or simply opt for mozzarella. These pizzas are huge, bigger than you can possibly eat in one sitting. But then you pick up your fork and knife and eat the entire pie, eagerly, without regret. You smile because you know you have just devoured the delicious culture of Naples.

The sea will lead you to countless treasures, Venetian architecture and Neapolitan pizza are just two of its trinkets. But the sea itself is magic, as well. The sheer of expanse of the water, the seemingly infinite ripple of it, stays with you, the enduring gift of serenity, long after a sailor is no longer at sea.

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