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Carol Hunter’s muse is an age disruptor.

The bold and audacious muse has coaxed a murder mystery out of the 80-year old.

murderThe dauntless author may not ski, golf or dance anymore, but she has penned “Retail Murders.”

“When one thing ends, you find something else to do,” Hunter explained. “You try and not let age stop you.”

“Retail Murders,” a delicious read, began as a bet. Hunter and her husband Wayne are avid readers who both commented one day that they could write better than the authors they were reading. Hunter told Wayne that they should each write a book to prove it.

Soon Hunter was busy playing with her imaginary friends, crafting a plot for them to inhabit, one full of twists and turns.

“I love a good murder mystery that keeps your mind thinking,” Hunter said. “Who did it? Why did they do it? What are the consequences to them or their loved ones?”

Hunter encourages her fellow retirees to pursue their passions.

“You have more time to do things, things like writing for me, that you had to put aside because of family obligations or working full time,” she said.

The energetic Hunter has plenty of stamina and shows no signs of slowing down with a series in the offing.

Retirement apparently doesn’t sit well with Hunter’s muse.




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