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Arrested for Fraud?

cakeMy mother vows she’s going to be arrested for fraud when she dies.

Here’s why. The woman has three birthdays on the books and it seems plenty shifty.

There’s an explanation, of course. It’s worth hearing how this clever woman gets away with celebrating a trio of birthdays every year.

My mother was born on Aug. 29th at 11 p.m., but the hospital didn’t record her birth until after midnight. That’s why her baby book and birth certificate don’t jive.

Later, she found out that social security made a computer error, listing her birthday on Aug. 28th.

My mother told the nice woman at the social security office that she really didn’t need another birthday. She already had two.

The woman laughed after hearing mom’s story, and told her to stop complaining. Just order three cakes.

Most people don’t have a 72-hour birthday, but every year my mom does.

My mother is a character, with a roaring good sense of humor. Her favorite one-liner is: Everyone has their idiot-syncracies.

She helps me with my writing project, and there is no one better suited.

When she helped her late husband, Bill Starr, with his book, Clearing the Bases, he wrote this about her: “A big hug to my wife, Francy, a former English teacher, who can grasp a sentence in mid-flight, rearrange the tenses, remove the qualifiers, reorganize the clauses and hand it back as a finished product before I can say: ‘Hold the English lesson!’”

I adore my mom, my editor, my coach. I don’t mind that she’s a crook with too many birthdays on the books.

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