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About the Book

The Gratitude Report is a compelling adventure because it chronicles a heroic effort to be grateful for 30 days straight and it comes with a surprise ending — an unexpected portal to gratitude.

Here’s the backstory from Peg who initially was in a quandary about this caped crusade.

Can I do it?
Can I be grateful for 30 days straight?
Can I give up road rage?
Can I give up grousing about my bombastic dog that should be sent to
military school, or at the very least charm school?
More importantly, can I make room on my to-do list for gratitude?
Doubtful to all of the above.
But that’s precisely the point. I decided to create a 30-day challenge to see if I could stay grateful despite the obstacles of everyday life.

What was the pay off?

I am happier. By spending a full month using gratitude as my touchstone, I begin to notice a positive shift in me. Research shows it takes 21 days to create a habit. Once I made it through the challenge, l noticed that the habit of gratitude had a hold on me. Not only do I now automatically search out gratitude, finding a shaft of light in murky situations, I make a case for it, seeing the deeper good in what first appear to be only challenges.

But the best part of the 30-day journey was my surprise when I crossed the finish line. The challenge showed me an unexpected route to gratitude. Who knew that by befriending the stranger within (my inner voice) I would find the portal to gratitude?

I set out on the 30-day challenge with the goal to transform something, to “turn poison into medicine.” I picked one challenge a day to convert into something to be grateful for. These struggles ran the gamut from something big (a health concern) to something small (an annoyance). But the heart of the challenge was in the conversion.

Sound easy?

Not at all. In fact, I had two failed attempts, but I eventually made it. As you read on, prepare yourself for the unexpected. After two false starts and losing traction with the day-to-day tumult of life, here’s my story.